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Gina Kim

Undergraduate at Georgetown University

An Inside Look at Nerdfighteria

As more and more media attention is gained by The Fault In Our Stars, John Green is becoming increasingly famous. Who does he thank for his fame and success after his parents and lovely wife? His brother and the community that…

1 Comment / 402 View / June 14, 2014

Rediscovering the Beat Generation

Does history repeat itself? Indeed it does. What we find cool today, no matter how innovative we think we are in culture, seems to always stem from some movement in the past. Hipsters are no exception, although they may pride themselves on…

1 Comment / 123 View / June 4, 2014

The Nuyorican: A Review

The line was already halfway down the block when a few friends and I arrived at the Nuyorican by 9:00 on a chilly Friday night in November. As we stood outside for an hour, I could hear the questions as…

0 Comments / 110 View / May 29, 2014