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Holly Li

Undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania

Pooping Yourself and Other Communist Pastimes: The Arrest of Yet Another Politician

The date is June 30th, 2014. The Communist party head of Guangdong Province is presiding over a meeting with forty-five of the province’s most powerful district leaders in attendance. One of them, a bespectacled, avuncular fifty-year-old with implausibly thick hair,…

0 Comments / 180 View / August 15, 2014

My Cheese Puffs Aren’t Saving the World Yet, But That’s Okay

A few days after I received my college acceptance letter, I had a panic attack. Not a real one, I suppose, but the kind that forces you to pause your episode of Orange is the New Black, actually sit upright in…

1 Comment / 799 View / July 27, 2014