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Jason Zhou

Undergraduate at the University of Chicago

Al-Maliki to Step Down as Prime Minister of Iraq

The past several months have been an extremely turbulent time for Iraq. ISIS militants began a major offensive in Northern Iraq in June, capturing the major cities of Mosul and Tikrit, routing the Iraqi military, and shocking the world. Meanwhile,…

0 Comments / 89 View / August 17, 2014

The Fog of War: Then and Now

The phrase “fog of war” is meant to convey the lack of information and uncertainty experienced by forces engaged in war; a result of limited intelligence, ignorance about the battlefield, and/or restricted lines of communication. It can occur on a…

0 Comments / 443 View / August 16, 2014

Review of Robert Oppenheimer: A Life Inside the Center by Ray Monk

“If I cannot be comforted by Vishnu’s argument to Arjuna, it is because I am too much a Jew, much too much a Christian, much too much a European, far too much an American. For I believe in the meaningfulness…

1 Comment / 260 View / July 17, 2014

A Look at Congressional Gridlock

Modern American politics has been dominated by one word—gridlock. The last two years of the Bush presidency, with a lame duck Republican President presiding over a Democratic Congress, only gave us a taste of what was to come. The first…

0 Comments / 823 View / July 11, 2014