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Jessica Lu

Undergraduate at the University of Chicago

Top Tools Online to Keep Up with the News

When my frustrated U.S. Government classmates asked my teacher why he quizzed us on current events, he responded with a very simple, but powerful, question: “Would you want your kids to know who the mayor of Los Angeles is?” Everyone…

0 Comments / 136 View / January 2, 2015

#HashtagActivism – Biggest Hashtag Movements of 2014

The hashtag used to be just a number or pound sign (and for musicians, a half-step note raise), but during this age of information technology, it takes on the completely new task of highlighting special meaning. In the late 20th…

0 Comments / 204 View / December 22, 2014

The Danger or Power of Anonymity?

Before the rise of social media, finding out about a person involved a Google search that often yielded few results. Now, it’s easy to gather information about people’s lives, from their birthdays to their graduation pictures to their current vacation…

0 Comments / 511 View / December 20, 2014


A St. Louis County grand jury decided it had ‘no probable cause’ to indict police officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting unarmed black teenager Michael Brown. St. Louis County case prosecutor Robert McCulloch delivered a press conference at approximately 8:15…

0 Comments / 133 View / November 24, 2014


People say they swear off red meat for dietary reasons or for humanitarian beliefs. But it’s also possible that their motives are political. That is, they’re not buying “red” meat sold by companies with Boards or employees that donate to…

2 Comments / 116 View / September 20, 2014

Sex, Safety and Freedom: Women in 2014

Women–and men–have fought hard to feel free and safe about sex and their bodies. And their gains for equality, while appearing exponential, proliferate all sorts of controversy and backlash. Like 1973 (Roe v. Wade), 2014 so far may be a…

0 Comments / 102 View / September 3, 2014

MOOCS: Why Some Universities are Freaking Out

With the economic pressure to obtain bachelors and masters degrees, more and more people are attending or returning back to college. Yet in this age of technology, the traditional university pathway faces a formidable threat: massive open online courses (MOOCs)….

0 Comments / 271 View / August 23, 2014

The Gap Between Self-Confidence and Sensibility

Stand in front of the mirror and place your feet together and stand up straight. When you lift your head, look at your upper thighs. Measure with your eyes the space or lack of space between them and feel reassured…

0 Comments / 326 View / July 18, 2014

Banned books, Censorship, and Underpants

Captain Underpants has a new enemy, one much more ominous than the usual talking toilets and cafeteria lunch ladies. David Pilkey’s children’s series appeared at the top of the 2012 most challenged titles list, meaning parents and other adults were…

1 Comment / 194 View / July 7, 2014

College Rankings Matter, Even If They Shouldn’t

“It’s a great school,” I insisted. “It’s known for its incredible economics department. The student-to-faculty ratio is low, so my classes will be small, and lots of employers know its reputation. Not to mention, the school is in the perfect…

1 Comment / 274 View / July 2, 2014