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Keenan Smith

Undergraduate at Columbia University

Little Queer Fish, Big Queer Pond

Coming from a small town to a large metropolis is definitely an experience that can incur an extreme case of culture shock. This, however, can also occur when one is exposed to a large community that they otherwise would have…

0 Comments / 323 View / August 31, 2014

How the World Should React to the Fiasco in the South and East China Seas

There is one long festering issue in the world that you surely do not regularly see on the nightly news or your Facebook newsfeed and yet has the potential to greatly alter the geopolitical landscape of South and East Asia:…

0 Comments / 138 View / August 14, 2014

This Is Not Just Another Dead Black Kid

I heard the news of the shooting on the morning of my eighteenth birthday. This was the last day of a ten day house-sitting gig where I was tasked with caring for a family’s dogs, their plants, and their house…

3 Comments / 538 View / August 11, 2014

Marijuana Legalization: “When” not “If”

A small preface: this argument is coming from someone who has not, does not, and may never smoke marijuana. This is coming from someone who purely feels it is just a matter of time before we see legalization and that…

0 Comments / 151 View / July 26, 2014

Giving Pop Music Another Chance

For far too long pop music has been unfairly treated as some bizarre entity that only tween girls and gay men can enjoy. Not only are these both damaging stereotypes, but they are also degrading of a musical genre that,…

1 Comment / 1911 View / July 24, 2014