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Logan Nasr

Undergraduate at the University of Arizona

The Art of Flight

Human beings have always been fascinated with the idea of flying: to finally be freed from the shackles of gravity that hold us to our earthy prison, and to soar straight to the heavens. This dream started to blend with…

0 Comments / 57 View / July 12, 2015

The Role Racial Perspective Played in the Baltimore Riots

Perspective. The thin balance that can unite or divide human beings. It can create empires or tear them down. It’s what causes one single thing to be seen in a million different ways giving birth to a million different opinions. The most…

0 Comments / 80 View / May 8, 2015

The Truth About Modern Earth Day

Ah Earth Day. A wonderful time of year when everybody is more environmentally conscience and does their little part to help our home and the idea of a tomorrow. When our jobs and classes become clear to us as meaningless…

0 Comments / 219 View / April 26, 2015