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Max Harlynking

Undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon University

5 Games on Steam’s Winter Sale to Play on your Couch During Break

[section_title title=First page title] Ah!  The wonderful Steam sale of the year.  Don’t know what to buy?  Here are five amazing games on the Steam sale that are perfect to play on your couch.  Want to enjoy some free time…

0 Comments / 403 View / December 23, 2014

Why Nonviolent Actions Don’t Need Violent Reactions

A lone man walks forward and picks up a handful of salt, letting it fall into a boiling pot in front of him. Behind him, hundreds of followers do the same. Without context, these actions would be meaningless. It is…

0 Comments / 210 View / May 5, 2014

Art Imitates Life Imitates Art: Shakespeare’s Commentary on Hamlet

In Act 3, Scene 2 of William Shakespeare’s tragic play Hamlet, Prince Hamlet prepares a play that will re-enact the murder of his deceased father King Hamlet by the current king Claudius. Using a group of travelling players, Hamlet decides…

0 Comments / 1171 View / May 4, 2014

The Benefits of Consumer Targeted Advertising

Every year, companies collect more and more data about the consumers that buy their products. Lately, companies have been using this information to create targeted advertisements that select specific consumers, or groups of consumers, to advertise to from which they…

0 Comments / 1932 View / May 3, 2014