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Monique Keo

Undergraduate at Cleveland State University

A Fall of a Generation

This piece is a response to Aubri Juhasz’s A Fall From Grace which can be found here. How often have you noticed or heard someone older expressing their displeasure with the newer generation?  It often seems like younger people, especially young children…

0 Comments / 166 View / November 3, 2014

Underneath It All: Asian-Americans & Mental Illness

Not many people are able to discuss mental illness comfortably. And despite mental illness most certainly being taboo, it is much more taboo in Asian-American communities.  In terms of how Asian-Americans are portrayed in America, the stereotypes are narrow. The…

2 Comments / 447 View / October 10, 2014

What About the Men?

As 2014 has unfolded, a series of events have spurred important conversations regarding the status of women. From the #YesAllWomen trend on Twitter, the contraceptive rights outrage evoked by Hobby Lobby, and the deadly misogyny motivating Elliot Rodger, it is…

0 Comments / 190 View / September 13, 2014