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Neel Swamy

Undergraduate at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Despite protests in India, “PK” shines on the cinema screen, charming audiences of all nationalities

If an alien were to find him or herself stranded in the dust-laden roads of India, how would he or she react to the cumin-scented home of Bollywood? Would he or she be entranced by the succulent mango trees that…

1 Comment / 319 View / January 9, 2015

When Life Gives You Protections: An Open Discussion on Privilege

It was a warm Wednesday afternoon when I fell in the middle of the street on my way to my statistics lecture. As I made my way across the pristine campus bridges of the University of Michigan, my ears drowning…

0 Comments / 184 View / November 26, 2014

Opting Out of Rape: When Crimes Require Coverage

It was approximately two years ago when Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan (R) vetoed a bill that would require all women to purchase a separate coverage on their health insurance for abortions, including those procedures performed in cases of sexual…

2 Comments / 87 View / October 30, 2014

“Unhappily Ever After”: Disney’s Coming of Age

As a child, much of my life was consumed and molded by the animated brilliance of Walt Disney. Whether it was daily viewings of Winnie the Pooh or nighttime readings of The Lion King, my eyes were constantly exposed and…

0 Comments / 1100 View / September 23, 2014

Flight Club: The Debate Over Knee Defenders

Since my childhood, I have always hated airplanes. I hate the eardrum-shattering pressure changes that plague me upon every takeoff. I hate the crying children who moan and groan because of the restrictions placed upon the use of electronic devices…

0 Comments / 181 View / September 5, 2014

The Orange Is the New Black Hype

Approximately ten years ago, Piper Kerman served thirteen months at a minimum-security prison in Connecticut after laundering money for an international drug cartel. Kerman’s story – one of self doubt, psychological metamorphosis, and sexual tension – was later documented in…

1 Comment / 297 View / August 8, 2014

CaliSIXnia: the Dissection of the Golden State

When I hear the word “California,” my mind is instantly filled with images of Disneyland, palm trees, beaches on Santa Monica, Google’s headquarters, and the windy, careening paths of San Francisco. Yes, California, as sung by Katy Perry, is a…

0 Comments / 201 View / July 25, 2014

Let’s Google That: The Role of Internet Search History in Criminal Investigations

Down in Atlanta, where the sun rises high and city lights dance brightly like crystal oil lamps even from the windows of an above soaring jet, a legal battle‒one of vehicle induced saunas and parental irresponsibility‒ is raging, drawing forth…

0 Comments / 682 View / July 13, 2014

Has Hazelwood Run Dry? Let’s Talk About Censorship in High Schools

[section_title title=Page 2] The setting is the United States Supreme Court in Washington D.C, 1987. On one side of the court sits three former student journalists from The Spectrum, the student-produced publication of Hazelwood East High School in St. Louis,…

1 Comment / 817 View / July 8, 2014

Do What You Want? A Male’s Perspective on Campus Rape

As an incoming college freshman, I cannot help but smile when my older friends and family members talk about the various activities and experiences that define the hallowed halls of their schools. My heart melts when I hear of those…

1 Comment / 237 View / July 1, 2014