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Nicholas Kulawiak

Undergraduate at the University of Puget Sound

When Hacking Meets Sports

At present, the fact that the St. Louis Cardinals of Major League Baseball are being investigated for hacking into an internal database of the Houston Astros is coursing its way through mainstream media, starting with the front page of the…

0 Comments / 78 View / June 26, 2015

Is the ‘American Dream Actually Dead?

Throughout recent years, the idea that the American Dream is dead, or at least dying, has gained a level of support among some people. While there is indeed many pertinent questions to be asked about the current structure of American…

0 Comments / 137 View / May 13, 2015

The Problem with Football

The fact that football is a dangerous game isn’t exactly news. As far back as 1860, universities such as Columbia banned the sport due to its inherent violence. Still, football continued, and 45 years later, in 1905, there were 19 fatalities nationwide, inducing clamoring…

0 Comments / 132 View / May 5, 2015

Has ‘Support for our Troops’ Been Unjustly Lost?

Ever since the 1960s and 70s, the idea of “supporting our troops”at the societal level has developed into something of a partisan issue, generally split between people who favor the use of American force abroad and those who don’t. This…

0 Comments / 70 View / April 11, 2015

4 Tips for a Not-So-Terrible Spring Break

As the calendar flips to March, college students are feverishly attempting to survive flu and midterm season. And, with the promise of Spring Break, many are also in the process of preparing their minds for trips home and their livers…

0 Comments / 115 View / March 16, 2015

Baseball: The American Pastime

With the media gluttony of the Super Bowl firmly in the rear view mirror, and the same number of people excited for the NBA All Star Game as there are for the World Junior Curling Championships at the end of…

0 Comments / 163 View / February 26, 2015