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Nichole Rosanova

Undergraduate of the University of San Francisco

The Struggle with Female Body Image

As I near the end of my adolescence, I cannot help but still feel like an awkward, pubescent girl hiding under my baggie hoodies.  In the few months I have before I turn 20, I wonder why my nightly routine…

1 Comment / 416 View / July 14, 2014

How I Showed Up To San Francisco Too Late

In the few months I had before moving to the west coast, images of hippies, burning bras and vagabonds piling into Volkswagen vans filled my mind.  I could not wait to be apart of a city that has been so…

1 Comment / 174 View / July 1, 2014

Going Green: Weed Culture in America

It’s hard to believe that, a mere decade ago, the only exposure I had to marijuana was through my television set whenever I would watch the notorious pot circle on That 70’s Show.  Today, weed is taking America by storm, thanks…

0 Comments / 187 View / June 12, 2014