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Nicole Felmus

Undergraduate at Columbia University

Enjoy that Underwear, You Deserve It

       I have a little secret; I shop at Victoria’s Secret. Like many of my friends, I participate in the 7 for $27 panties deal that pops into my email inbox every other month and I profess that…

1 Comment / 924 View / December 31, 2014

They Say Stress is Natural — But I’m Saying No.

“Were all the stress headaches worth it?” She asked, and suddenly it all came rushing back. The auras, the scratching, the pounding, the nausea, the hypersensitivity, the days I just laid in my bed hoping it would disappear. The night…

3 Comments / 269 View / October 7, 2014

Aca-Stardom as Done by the Dartmouth Aires

Imagine a group of 16 college aged men wearing wacky, plaid, and mix-matched suit jackets singing the sweet harmonies of “Somewhere” from West Side Story in the middle-of-nowhere New Hampshire.  These men, from all over the country and the world,…

0 Comments / 655 View / September 27, 2014

Congress: The Elementary Classroom of Politics

The 113th Congress has a major project.  It’s a feat unimaginable, one that can not be obtained by one person, nor two, nor three, but all 535 congressmen and women, the vice president, the president’s Cabinet, the Supreme Court justices,…

2 Comments / 78 View / July 14, 2014

Life in the Seventh District Following Cantor’s Loss

Nothing important happens in Henrico.  We live the normal suburban life; we might have some class or racial strife, mostly about school funding, but none surpassing the usual.  The large county encompasses the capital of the South: Richmond, Virginia, the…

0 Comments / 309 View / June 11, 2014

Single-Sex Education

I ventured into the world of single sex education because I needed a change. The friends and people I knew at my public elementary school did not share my interests or outlook on the world. I was not recognized as…

2 Comments / 498 View / June 9, 2014

The Educational Deficit of America

Over the seventeen years of my life, I have spent thirteen of them in school, and as my senior year is coming to a close, I can’t help but to look back on my experience—especially my last four years at…

4 Comments / 485 View / May 24, 2014