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Pablo Ramirez

Undergraduate at George Mason University

The Unseen Toll of the Ebola Hype

I feel like by this point I would be prepared for anything that appeared on my Facebook newsfeed. So, oh, surprise when I saw someone post this: “Can I just quarantine myself from the world so I don’t get Ebola….

2 Comments / 224 View / October 25, 2014

Written In Stone: Social Media’s Immediacy and Our Online Comments

I like to tell myself that anger can’t always get the better of me. I like to imagine that I am level headed, that nothing can pierce through my self-proclaimed tough skin. So you can imagine my surprise when, after…

0 Comments / 521 View / August 22, 2014

The Greatest Country on Earth? Ferguson Uncovering the Real U.S.A.

On April 9th, 1948, a leading presidential candidate was murdered in Colombia. Across the South American country, the death of the most progressive candidate caused such an uproar that many cities erupted in flames. In a small town on the…

1 Comment / 318 View / August 17, 2014

O Captain, My Captain: A Celebration of Robin Williams

As I’m waiting for Dead Poets Society to buffer on my laptop I’m asking myself “Where do I even begin?” Both my AP World teacher and my mother would want me to begin by citing his wonderful role as the…

1 Comment / 212 View / August 12, 2014

Skeletons In The Closet: Morbid Fascination With One Murder

To me, it was just going to be our house in the United States. After driving through River Rd and crossing into Lilly Stone Dr, it would be there on the right after driving up an inclined driveway: 8103 Lilly…

0 Comments / 1745 View / August 3, 2014

A Hands On Experience: Tampering with the MH17 Flight Evidence

A few days ago, another Malaysian Airplane entered our sound waves and newsfeeds. While on one side of the world Israelis and Palestinians are seeing increased violence, Asia continues to see turmoil. A few days ago, Malaysian Airplane MH17 was…

0 Comments / 117 View / July 24, 2014

No More “Jogo Bonito”: Brazilian Futbol and Politics

What’s more dangerous to someone in power than losing a war? A soccer defeat. Now, to say that war has an effect on the political status of a nation or a group of peoples is extremely obvious. The Russo-Japanese War…

0 Comments / 170 View / July 20, 2014

Boom, Clap: The Senseless Destruction of Artistic and Historical Masterpieces

It’s true that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, but what happens when that very own history is destroyed in front of our very own eyes? As has happened so many times in our history, we are…

0 Comments / 102 View / July 12, 2014

Pa’lante, Seleccion

Among the endlessly embarrassing list of movies I have yet to watch, I include the Star Wars trilogy, The Breakfast Club, and Invictus. But over the past few days, it appears that while I have not seen this last movie,…

0 Comments / 84 View / July 5, 2014

On Material and Personal Belongings

Society makes us suffer unnecessarily. Think about it: our status is determined by what we own. Even though Siddhartha, Jesus, and Mohammed tried to teach us that personal wealth was not that important, that the meek will inherit the earth,…

0 Comments / 1405 View / July 2, 2014