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Peter Swallow

Undergraduate at the University of St Andrews

Warsi on the Warpath

The British Prime Minister David Cameron might be on holiday, but it isn’t the sun making him red in the face. Yesterday, Baroness Warsi gave her first interview after resigning from the government on Tuesday over the Gaza Crisis, and…

0 Comments / 80 View / August 12, 2014

The Transgender Tipping Point We Sorely Need

“The Transgender Tipping Point,” cried TIME Magazine back in June. “Another social movement is poised to challenge deeply held cultural beliefs.” Trans activism is here. And on the front cover of the magazine and the movement is the gorgeous Laverne…

0 Comments / 112 View / July 30, 2014

Scotland’s Future

On 18th September, Scotland goes to the polls and votes on its future. Will it choose to remain part of the 300-year-old political Union with the rest of the UK (RUK), but with more powers and more independence from Westminster?…

5 Comments / 235 View / July 20, 2014

The Birth and Undeath of Political Satire

HBO’s latest sensation has hit our screens in the form of comedian and satirist John Oliver. Last Week Tonight is the Englishman’s first solo gig, and although cable is choking with more chat shows than anyone knows what to do…

0 Comments / 320 View / July 12, 2014