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Mathew Pregasen

Undergraduate at Columbia University

Columbia Students Share Asian Identity in a Stellar Film: Resound

A group of Columbia students with the help of many on-campus clubs have created something worth passing on: a powerful film directed by Kevin Chiu that documents Asian identity in America.  I had the pleasure of viewing in person the screening…

0 Comments / 153 View / November 24, 2014

Debate in America: Modern Elitism Yet An Academic Necessity

[section_title title=First page title] Over five thousand kids wake up early morning on nearly every other weekend in a hotel room, quickly cramming to shower, eventually dressing in full suited attire, and heading out of the door, still bleary eyed…

2 Comments / 1064 View / November 1, 2014

Why We #CarryThatWeight at Columbia

Students all over the United States rallied behind the #carrythatweight campaign on today’s National Day of Action. The campaign began at Columbia University this year when a student decided to protest the way that the University handled sexual assaults by…

3 Comments / 197 View / October 29, 2014

One Graphic Displaying Jonas Salk’s Impact in Creating the Polio Vaccine

On October 28th, 1914, Jonas Salk was born, who would later go on to invent the polio vaccine that had a massive effect on world health and near polio eradication.  Below is a graphic that commemorates the progress thus far…

2 Comments / 488 View / October 28, 2014

We Called Satya a Sexist.  But the Reaction It Amounted is Culturally Intolerant and Lacks Journalist Integrity.  

A few days ago, Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, made a highly criticized comment at the Grace Hopper Celebration Of Women in Tech Conference when being interviewed by Maria Klawe, the President of Harvey Mudd College.  He was specifically…

7 Comments / 308 View / October 11, 2014

My Mental Illness May Not Be Noticeable. But It Exists.

While we typically do not publish anonymous submissions, due to the nature of this article, we have allowed the writer to stay anonymous.  The writer decided to disclose, however, her attendance of Barnard College.  The text below is the submission…

1 Comment / 859 View / October 5, 2014

What Happened to BlackBerry?

Around half a decade ago, one of the most respected phones was the BlackBerry.  It was designed for work, concentrating on providing adults with modern tools of communication.  But soon, its vision fell short to the growing power of the…

1 Comment / 1801 View / September 24, 2014

One College Tradition Dismantled This Year: Java

For the first time in history, Python is the most popular introductory college course nationwide. For years in the past, Java reigned as the main language taught to undergraduates at the introductory level.  But according to the Association of Computer…

1 Comment / 365 View / September 18, 2014

8 Brilliant Entrepreneurs That Are Still in College

Building your own app or starting your own business takes an ample amount of commitment and hard work.  And so does getting through college.  But a few stellar individuals around the world have proven that their youth and academic commitments do…

3 Comments / 9479 View / August 21, 2014

Snapchat: Puberty Over, Drama Ensues

[section_title title=part2] Out of all the major apps that dominate the critical mobile stores, Snapchat may well be the most notorious.  With its comedic ghost and yellow square logo, Snapchat has prevailed as the photo messaging app with a self-deleting…

5 Comments / 697 View / August 3, 2014