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Mathew Pregasen

Undergraduate at Columbia University

The 7 New and Coolest Programming Innovations

[section_title title=Part2] The programming world never stops developing.  Whether it be from the early stages of Binary to the era of C++ and the eventual emergence of Python and PHP, a scientific historian can look back and marvel at the majestic…

0 Comments / 7800 View / June 11, 2014

Why Psy’s “Hangover” and its Music Video are Offensive

Psy, the Korean pop artist that took the online community by storm with the release of “Gangnam Style,” is back. His new single “Hangover” features American artist Snoop Dogg and South Korean rapper G-Dragon.  Apart from the half-beat electronic tinkles…

2 Comments / 621 View / June 10, 2014

The Portsmouth Incident and Knife Attack Safety

1:27PM: A few hours ago, an individual stabbed an unidentified victim at the Navy exchange near Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth.  The suspect of this attack, identified as Wilbur Harwell, was an alleged active-duty 3rd Class Petty Officer.  While the…

0 Comments / 134 View / June 6, 2014

What Does the “Carbon Plan” Entail?

In early February this year, scores of protesters, all bundled up in sweaters and thermal hats, gathered outdoors in Oakland, California to contest the Keystone XL Pipeline: a supranational gas pipeline pursued by the Obama Administration.  This movement, inspired by the terror…

11 Comments / 361 View / June 2, 2014

Sweet Giving: The Emergence of Candy Charities

The phrase “giving to charity” often invokes a mental image of individuals donating basic cash, food supplies, or medical materials to a non-profit institutional branch that specializes in distributing such items.  Yet, contrary to the basic stereotypes of philanthropy, a…

0 Comments / 257 View / May 26, 2014

Understanding Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Simon Dharmakirthi, 17, watches a basketball game on his television set with astute perception.  Simultaneously, he cleverly updates his twitter feed and Facebook fan page, providing followers with commentary on the live game.  This casual vignette is one of many…

0 Comments / 643 View / May 21, 2014

Retribution in Conflict with Social Culture and Justice

The United States criminal justice system appears to follow a retribution aimed model.  Whether or not the sentences currently levied by state statutes are consistent with political theories concerning proportional punishment, standard responses for convicted criminal acts include, but not…

4 Comments / 316 View / May 13, 2014