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Ruby Johnson

Undergraduate at Syracuse University

We Are More Than Our Dresses

Who are you wearing? How long did you take to get ready?  You look stunning! Female celebrities hear these questions and comments all the time. Their male counterparts? They may get a comment or two on how handsome they look,…

0 Comments / 51 View / March 16, 2015

Putin on the Offensive

According to the Guardian, explanations for Boris Nemtsov’s murder range from a “provocation” meant to discredit the Kremlin to an act of terror by Islamist extremists to Ukrainian fascists to assassination by Western spies to a conflict in his love…

0 Comments / 76 View / March 10, 2015

Waiting for Spring (and Not for the Break)

Winter is killing me. There is only a little over a month of it left, but it seems like an eternity. Once Valentine’s Day passes, the long stretch of fall and winter holidays officially come to an end. With no…

0 Comments / 135 View / March 3, 2015

The Gray Space: Harvard’s Ban on Teacher-Student Hookups

The job of the professor is to educate and cultivate the fresh young minds of our generation, but universities fear they may be doing a whole lot more. Student-teacher sexual relationships are simultaneously stigmatized and romanticized—eroticized, even—yet no one talks…

0 Comments / 270 View / February 11, 2015