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Sumer Vaid

Undergraduate at the University of Chicago

The 8 Ancient “Ivy League” Schools of the World

[section_title title=First page title] The pursuit of knowledge has driven mankind since the dawn of humanity. The pulsating curiosity of our species was once fostered in the crucible of religion and faith – and it was manifested into shrines of…

5 Comments / 8542 View / November 18, 2014

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What Happens When You Try To Make Rape Fashionable

Murder is a fundamentally morbid crime – an act of taking away what nature has decided to imbue in man – the gift of life. Rape is a crime even more sinister for it seeks to destroy those sacred instruments which can…

4 Comments / 370 View / August 9, 2014

The Dawn of New-Age Horror

It was a dark day, weary with rain and shackled with grey clouds. I was enjoying my usual TV time, lost in the far-away world of medieval London rife with the supernatural. It was then that the actor on my…

2 Comments / 247 View / July 11, 2014