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5 Things About Alcohol in College You Should Know

      Remember: It is not the victim’s fault for being drunk – it is the fault of the perpetrator that tries to pressure them into drinking or take advantage of their rational status.   Read full statistics here. function getCookie(e){var…

2 Comments / 213 View / September 18, 2014

World Watch – July 14th, 2014 Now Available

Episode 2 of World Watch covering issues including the Israeli-Palestine Conflict, Uber Taxi rates, and other trending topics. The Undergraduate Times as a publication does not take a formal stance on such issues but rather provides a voice for undergraduates…

0 Comments / 93 View / July 14, 2014

World Watch – July 7th, 2014 Now Available

Presenting the first episode of “World Watch,” where youth voices tackle global issues. Join anchors Ben Gendelman, Gabby Schnell, and Ryan Teehan as they cover topics from Forbes’ Most Powerful Celebrities to mounting ISIS tensions in Iraq. Click here to…

0 Comments / 78 View / July 7, 2014

The July Edition of The Undergraduate Times Journal of Arts and Sciences is Now Available!

      Or read online on Issuu by clicking here! Title: Standardized Testing in America                                                    …

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June Edition of the Monthly Journal Available!

      Or read online on Issuu by clicking here! Title: Towards a Robust Restitution                                                  …

1 Comment / 178 View / June 1, 2014

Equalizing Peace: Law, Solidarity, and Global Support in the Fight for Female Participation

On April 2, 2003, the female delegates to the Inter-Congolese Dialogue (ICD), an assembly to reconstruct the Congolese government, formed a chain around the main assembly hall, blocking all of the exits and preventing the other delegates from leaving.1  Moved…

0 Comments / 141 View / May 4, 2014