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Vanessa Khoo

Undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania

Fighting the Pressure to be Brilliant

The day before the end of advanced course registration for the Fall Term 2014, I found myself pulling an all-nighter staring at the over 2000 classes that flashed across the computer screen in front of me. While I had narrowed…

0 Comments / 1293 View / August 24, 2014

The LGBT Debate: Archie vs. the Pulping of Books that aren’t “Pro-Family” in Singapore

Pop Tates’ Chok’lit Shoppe. One of the most iconic locations in Riverdale where Archie took Betty and Veronica on countless dates and Jughead was always ordering yet another chocolate shake. As an avid fan of the series who grew up…

1 Comment / 272 View / July 21, 2014

WWJD, Hobby Lobby, and Tiffany from Orange is the New Black: Religious Musings of an Incoming College Freshman

Thanks to the 12-hour time difference, a large majority of my college posting results were being released at 5 AM on March 28. One would assume that I might not have wanted to deal with any anxiety, disappointment, or joyous…

1 Comment / 189 View / July 12, 2014

On Defamation Laws and the Future of Singaporean Politics

On May 18 2014, Singaporean blogger Roy Ngerng was served for defamation by the Prime Minister of Singapore, PM Lee Hsien Loong. He was to be potentially sued for “false and baseless allegations” against PM Lee. His published article on…

0 Comments / 227 View / June 13, 2014

In Defense of Instagram

It came at a rather poignant moment. I was hanging out with my friend from school, chatting while watching a movie. I had whipped out my phone and was casually scrolling through my timeline. She said it in the midst…

1 Comment / 174 View / June 7, 2014

I Practiced Affirmative Action in my Café

“Fill the glass half full, then top it up to the rim with ice.” My supervisor explained to me on my first day. It was the first of a seemingly endless list of mundane but strictly-to-be-adhered-to instructions to follow in…

1 Comment / 431 View / June 2, 2014