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Vincent Cao

Undergraduate at Stanford University

Fields Medal Winner Shines Light on Pervasive Gender Gap

Contrary to popular belief, Alfred Nobel’s wife did not have an affair with a mathematician that discouraged Nobel’s commemoration of mathematics among the likes of physics, chemistry, literature, peace, medicine, and economics. In fact, Nobel never even married. The absence…

0 Comments / 209 View / August 15, 2014

Israel’s Cease(less) Fire

LEXINGTON, Kentucky – Weeks ago, I approached a daring young man at the local gym. Unmindful to any possible looks of contempt, he calmly finished his last set before wiping his brow on a black t-shirt with glossy text printed…

14 Comments / 143 View / August 5, 2014

Walsh’s Plagiarism Has An Astounding Message

CARLISLE, Pennsylvania – The pitter-patter of a stern man’s fingers hammering the keyboard echoes across a room lit only by the faint glow of the computer monitors around him. Stopping to take a break, the man ruffles his greying crew…

0 Comments / 163 View / August 4, 2014

Bateman, Citigroup, and the Waning Allure of Investment Banking

NEW YORK, New York – “That’s bone. And the lettering is something called Silian Rail,” Bateman boasts. Slowly, the camera pans along the crisp white edges of the business card, curbing any doubt the audience has about his prestige. Pierce…

1 Comment / 427 View / August 2, 2014

Messi and Argentina’s Shambles: How a Hedge Fund Manager Conquered the Spirits of 41 million

Minutes before the final whistle of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, millions of television screens across the globe displayed the same image: Messi, fatigued arms resting on hips, somberly gazing out into the crowd. In other words, utter disappointment. The…

1 Comment / 271 View / July 31, 2014