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Zachary Wood

Undergraduate at Williams College

Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On: A Letter to My Little Sister

Dear Maya, I remember when I was twelve. You were only four then, all eyes, cheeks, and energy. Life was Pre-K, ballet, playdates, and National American Miss pageants. And to think that yesterday, while we were at dinner, I caught…

0 Comments / 363 View / March 19, 2016

The Body Politic: What if Values Were Sexy?

Money is like sex; everyone wants to have it. Without money, American politics looses its linchpin and thus, its relevance. If we think about it, very few political issues have nothing to do with money—who gets it, who loses it,…

0 Comments / 133 View / July 26, 2015

Everything That Offends Black People Is Not Racist

Imagine a black man of tall stature and brawny build walks onto an elevator wearing all black—baggy jeans, a hoody, and a face mask—and the only other occupant, an elderly white woman, instinctively clenches her purse and gasps in fear…

2 Comments / 718 View / July 25, 2015