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Style Guide for Spring

A comprehensive guide to dressing for perfect spring weather that does not go from a balmy, seventy-degree climate one day to blustery, wintery, forty-degree artic tundra zones the next day! Tip One: Did you know the ‘80s are back in…

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Want for Variety Prompts New Line of Flavored Matzo

Passover, the Jewish holiday celebrating the exodus out of Egypt, is coming up soon. It is traditional for Jewish people to abstain from eating anything that has leaven—anything that rises, like bread, pasta, etc.—also referred to as “hametz.” This means…

0 Comments / 220 View / April 7, 2015

March Madness, Weekend 3: Notes as the Blue Devils are Crowned Champs

Final Four: Miss You Never, Kentucky – Duke 81, (7) Michigan State 61 Yeah, so Sparty just had no answer. Zero. None. We should’ve seen this coming. Duke’s best is better than Kentucky’s best, which would have been a great matchup….

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College is like a Pizza Pie

One person once told me that high school is like a pizza pie. Well, the same goes for college, expect that there are more life lessons. So how does college relate to a pizza pie? Here’s some simple math: 8…

0 Comments / 216 View / March 31, 2015

A Defense of The Great Gatsby’s Daisy Buchanan

Daisy Buchanan is one of the most hated characters in literary history. This young woman is not only shallow and materialistic, but she is also perceived as cruel, manipulative and self-centered. For Gatsby, Daisy is an impossible goal, an angel…

0 Comments / 3157 View / March 30, 2015

March Madness, Weekend 2: Notes As the Field Shrinks to Four

Round 3, Day 1: Now I am become Kentucky, the destroyer of worlds (3) Notre Dame 81, (7) Wichita State 70 o   For many parts of this game, it looked like the Shockers were of equal competition to the Fighting…

0 Comments / 84 View / March 30, 2015

Review of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

“Happy-go-lucky” is an understatement when it comes to describing the charming protagonist of Netflix’s newest series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. With creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock behind the series, a binge-watch of the thirteen episode series is difficult to avoid….

0 Comments / 202 View / March 29, 2015

Dealing with Death: The Five Stages of Grief

I roll over, turning towards the sound that blares from below my bed. My alarm—the song “The Reckless and the Brave” by All Time Low—sounds throughout the tiny dorm room as I blindly fumble for my phone on the floor….

0 Comments / 152 View / March 25, 2015

Spring Break Alternatives

For many college students, spring break is synonymous with Panama City Beach, sunshine, and an endless supply of freedom (at least for a week). However, some may fail to realize the many other options they have when it comes to…

0 Comments / 114 View / March 24, 2015

March Madness, Weekend 1: Pro Notes

Round 1, Day 1: Cinderella Goes Dancing (3) Notre Dame 69, (14) Northeastern 65 o   The first game of the tournament showed what was about to come. Northeastern—NORTHEASTERN—had a chance to beat Notre Dame in the closing seconds, when, down…

0 Comments / 96 View / March 23, 2015