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Fellow Undergraduates: Make the Most of Break With 4 Forms of Pre-Professional Prep

Fellow Undergrads: Congrats, not on finishing another (and for many, a first) semester of college, but on taking the time to treat yourself to the requisite reward of binge-watching television, sleeping in, and eating yourself into a food coma. Congratulations…

1 Comment / 266 View / December 23, 2014

#HashtagActivism – Biggest Hashtag Movements of 2014

The hashtag used to be just a number or pound sign (and for musicians, a half-step note raise), but during this age of information technology, it takes on the completely new task of highlighting special meaning. In the late 20th…

0 Comments / 203 View / December 22, 2014

6 Free Software Downloads You Can Get as a College Student Now

Free stuff is always awesome.  Here are six free software downloads you can still get for free as a college student.  Simply using your .edu email, you get a 100% discount on often pricey and industry grade software – granted…

1 Comment / 1864 View / December 22, 2014

Cleveland Reacts to the Murder of Tamir Rice

On November 22, a 12-year-old boy was murdered outside a recreation center on Cleveland’s west side. After a very brief confrontation with the Cleveland police, Tamir Rice was shot when officer Timothy Loehmann believed he was reaching for a gun….

0 Comments / 97 View / December 4, 2014

Rape: One of the Most Terrifying Words of the Human Language

No one wants to hear the phrase “I was raped,” or “I know someone who was raped,” come out of their mouths because no one wants to be another victim.  Rape truly has become an epidemic across this country that…

0 Comments / 2503 View / November 25, 2014

Commemorating Yesterday’s 25 Year Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall

25 years ago on Nov. 9, 1989, the barrier separating East from West Berlin was torn down for good. The Berlin Wall was constructed in August 1961 in an attempt to stop Germans from fleeing the communist rooted in East…

0 Comments / 129 View / November 10, 2014

Make History Tomorrow: Join the People’s Climate March in NYC

Do you live in the New York City area? Do you want to be a part of history? Do you care about global warming and environmental protection? Tomorrow, world leaders are coming to Manhattan for a United Nations summit on…

1 Comment / 126 View / September 20, 2014

Carlsen pens contract and Caruana dominates

Earlier this month, the eyes of the chess world have been fixated on St. Louis, Missouri. The highest rated tournament in the world—ever—was taking place. The World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, the world number two, three, five, eight, and nine were…

0 Comments / 197 View / September 17, 2014

Abduction in Estonia

One claims kidnapping; the other claims lawful arrest. On Friday, September 5th, an Estonian man disappeared on the cusp of the Estonian-Russian border, near the town of Luhamaa, Estonia. Officials in Estonia report that Eston Kohver, working for the Internal…

0 Comments / 138 View / September 15, 2014

In Defense of the Ice Bucket Challenge and Other Viral Contests

As a kind reminder: you are not alone. This past week my Facebook feed has too been flooded with videos of bright, eager faces dumping large buckets of ice water over their heads and then nominating their friends to do…

0 Comments / 259 View / August 18, 2014