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Opting Out of Rape: When Crimes Require Coverage

It was approximately two years ago when Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan (R) vetoed a bill that would require all women to purchase a separate coverage on their health insurance for abortions, including those procedures performed in cases of sexual…

2 Comments / 57 View / October 30, 2014

Why We #CarryThatWeight at Columbia

Students all over the United States rallied behind the #carrythatweight campaign on today’s National Day of Action. The campaign began at Columbia University this year when a student decided to protest the way that the University handled sexual assaults by…

3 Comments / 158 View / October 29, 2014

The Unseen Toll of the Ebola Hype

I feel like by this point I would be prepared for anything that appeared on my Facebook newsfeed. So, oh, surprise when I saw someone post this: “Can I just quarantine myself from the world so I don’t get Ebola….

2 Comments / 196 View / October 25, 2014

The Worst Roommate I’ve Ever Had – Depression

I like to think of depression as a really, really bad roommate.  Imagine: the powers that be sling you and depression together, and for the foreseeable future, you two are stuck sharing the same space. You kind of have to interact…

2 Comments / 406 View / October 11, 2014

We Called Satya a Sexist.  But the Reaction It Amounted is Culturally Intolerant and Lacks Journalist Integrity.  

A few days ago, Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, made a highly criticized comment at the Grace Hopper Celebration Of Women in Tech Conference when being interviewed by Maria Klawe, the President of Harvey Mudd College.  He was specifically…

7 Comments / 274 View / October 11, 2014

Something Selfish About Suicide

Undoubtedly, suicide has become a serious problem in society: 30,000 people commit suicide in the United States each year, while 750,000 people attempt it.  Regardless, there has been endless debate on whether or not suicide, in its entirety, is selfish.  Shortly…

6 Comments / 619 View / October 8, 2014

So Am I, Like, Hired?

There’s an epidemic that’s infiltrated millions of modern English speakers and it affects people’s everyday speech and interactions. This occurrence is known as “slang interjection,” and for some people it seems to be inevitably used in everyday conversations. This aspect…

3 Comments / 391 View / October 8, 2014

They Say Stress is Natural — But I’m Saying No.

“Were all the stress headaches worth it?” She asked, and suddenly it all came rushing back. The auras, the scratching, the pounding, the nausea, the hypersensitivity, the days I just laid in my bed hoping it would disappear. The night…

3 Comments / 231 View / October 7, 2014

Science Citizenry: One of the Largest Innovations of the Century

Because of the increasing accessibility in the social-media dominated and technologically-connected contemporary world, a novel power is placed in hands of everyday citizens. Knowledge, education, and information are literally only a click away. While these truths may seem obvious –…

0 Comments / 122 View / September 27, 2014

Honest Activism is a Collective Effort

In late May, the cover of Newsweek featured the title “Sex, Slavery, and a Slippery Truth” in bold, alongside a photo of Somaly Mam- one of the most recognizable anti-trafficking activists in the world. The exposé inside, entitled “Somaly Mam:…

2 Comments / 81 View / September 24, 2014