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People say they swear off red meat for dietary reasons or for humanitarian beliefs. But it’s also possible that their motives are political. That is, they’re not buying “red” meat sold by companies with Boards or employees that donate to…

2 Comments / 79 View / September 20, 2014

Abduction in Estonia

One claims kidnapping; the other claims lawful arrest. On Friday, September 5th, an Estonian man disappeared on the cusp of the Estonian-Russian border, near the town of Luhamaa, Estonia. Officials in Estonia report that Eston Kohver, working for the Internal…

0 Comments / 89 View / September 15, 2014

More Than Just A Mattress: Emma Sulkowicz

Mattresses aren’t easy to pick up and carry—neither are the emotions and fear that come after being sexually assaulted.  Emma Sulkowicz, a senior at Columbia University, feels both. Sulkowicz was allegedly raped in her own dorm bed on her first…

11 Comments / 451 View / September 9, 2014

It’s Time for a New Foreign Policy

For at least the last sixty years, the United States has tried to put out the grease-fire that is Middle East governance by splashing it with water. With each splash, the fire spreads; and yet we keep going back to…

0 Comments / 53 View / September 8, 2014

Journalism: A Thankless Courageousness

There is a certain stigma associated with journalists. Many people assume that those who go into the field of communications are “stupid” or “lazy,” even incompetent.  Journalists are subject to a great deal of criticism all the time – from…

0 Comments / 100 View / September 7, 2014

The Long-Term Solution to ISIS

In a scene depicted in the Tom Hanks movie Charlie Wilson’s War, Congressman Wilson unsuccessfully pleads with Congress to build schools and improve conditions for people in Afghanistan after the Soviet Union left Afghanistan in the late 1980s. He foreshadows…

1 Comment / 182 View / September 6, 2014

Sex, Safety and Freedom: Women in 2014

Women–and men–have fought hard to feel free and safe about sex and their bodies. And their gains for equality, while appearing exponential, proliferate all sorts of controversy and backlash. Like 1973 (Roe v. Wade), 2014 so far may be a…

0 Comments / 24 View / September 3, 2014

No End in Sight: Local Militias Battle in Libya

In recent weeks the international community has seen a surge of violence in Tripoli, the capital city of Libya, and its surrounding regions—the most costly and destructive violence since the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. The unceasing bloodshed in…

0 Comments / 171 View / September 2, 2014

The Silent Minority: Unexamined Racial Discrimination in Contemporary America

Outrage at the recent events in Ferguson has induced a miniature revolution of sorts, changing attitudes and headlines alike. However, as I scrolled through my daily dose of news, an article on the Washington Post caught my eye. Titled “Three…

4 Comments / 2869 View / September 1, 2014

What CNN Never Told You About The Israel-Gaza Conflict

(This article originally appeared in The Rice Standard on August 6, 2014. Reprinted with the author’s permission.) I sit on my bed, cradling my head in disbelief. It’s 5:30 pm: I’ve just arrived home from work and opened my laptop to check the news….

1 Comment / 169 View / August 28, 2014