Kanye West announces new album, “Turbo Grafx 16”

Kanye West has just announced the follow up album name after the Life of Pablo on Twitter:  My next album is titled   “Turbo Grafx 16”   as of now… Our music team estimates there is a 99% chance that this name will…

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An Interview With Mahbod Moghadam

George Beall, an entrepreneur who left Wharton to pursue a personal  startup, interviews Mahbod Moghadam, a co-founder of Rap Genius (genius.com) and currently is heading Everipedia.    GB: If you had to go all the way back to senior year of…

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A Philosophical Right to Higher Education

The first question that must be asked when discussing rights and whether higher education is a right is how do we derive rights in the first place? The answer to this question lies in the creation of a criterion that…

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Paris Attacks: “Gold is Assessed through the Test of Fire”

What do the terrorists fight against? Hence, it comes: What is France? And what is wrong? And what could be done?  First, it appears that the French foreign policy is a cul-de-sac.   ISIS came into power almost two years ago….

0 Comments / 248 View / November 22, 2015

Gray Zone: A Rationale Within

Now that we’ve had a little time to shift our grieving into a quest for understanding, as “information” arises and politicians search for ultimatums, I feel compelled to address something I believe is very simple, but strikingly fundamental to the…

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No Housing for Barnard in the Winter. But That May Change.

As multitudes gripe about the stickiness of August in New York City, new students flock to the Upper West Side for orientation at Barnard College. Orientation leaders woo the students by dousing them in the sparkling promises of life in…

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Forget Science: Why Only Social Heat Will Stop the Global Ice From Melting

There are certain things out there that are just really, really overdone. We all know what these things are. It could be the Jewelry liquidation ad that has been playing on the car radio for the past eight months. Maybe…

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Hashtag This: Activism’s Online Downfall

Like to show your support. Retweet to make a difference. Share to save the world. Social media is calling us to action. The online advocacy world is redefining society’s view of social and political activism. As the world becomes increasingly…

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The Virtue of Diplomacy with Iran: My Take and a Rebuttal of “Everything Wrong With the Iranian Nuclear Deal”

The current negotiations with Iran have been fraught with an intentional and unintentional ignorance of the consequential effects of a nuclear deal. That ignorance has laid the groundwork for conflict on issues that can be solved with political solutions. Ignorance…

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Why Are LGBT Individuals Typically Liberal?

By reading the title of the article, your immediate thought is probably, “duh, because liberals support gay rights,” but that is not my focus. LGBT+ individuals are not just particularly liberal on gay rights; usually an LGBT+ individual is liberal…

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