When Rhetoric Equates Violence: The Downfall of Recent Discourse

I typically begin my articles with a few disclosures, and I feel it is appropriate to do so for this read. First, this article is long.  But the length is primarily due to the fact that I believe this is…

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The Easiest Ways for a College Student to Make Money This Summer

At this time in the summer, most college students are asking themselves the same questions: what am I going to do this summer? Where am I going to work? How can I enhance my resume? How can I make some…

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Early Birds of College: Blogger Ranim Helwani

Entering college is a whole new span of your life: making new friends, attending social events and managing to live on your own for the first time. We meet students from different backgrounds, with different ideas and dreams for their…

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Do You Ever Truly Know Who You Are?

As the academic year recedes into a whirlwind of the past, and summer’s sweet scent fills the air, it is a bittersweet feeling, looking back at my freshman year. In October 2014, I wrote an article titled, “I don’t know…

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We’ve Been Waiting For You: You Do Know My Language

“You study economics?” “Yeah. It’s not as hard as it sounds.” “Please. I’m in the army—that’s easy!  You study economics? That’s tough!” “New York, New York” started to play on the bus as soon as the Israelis were settled. That…

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The Best Things To Do This Summer As An Undergraduate

As finals end and the summer begins, it is time to figure out what to do with all your new free time. Should you hangout with friends? Should you go see family? Should you spend everyday lounging at the beach…

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What the Media Misses When Reporting Spelling Bees

The annual Scripps National Spelling Bee made headlines today with the announcement of a new champion. Stories like the one on the front page at CNN last night gush over and theorize about how students from certain backgrounds perform better…

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Achieving the Perfect Black Milk Tea

Over the course of this last semester, I acquired a taste for blended teas. I have been drinking black milk tea for years – starting around six or seven years old. But my tea intake from one to two cups…

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How a University student with epilepsy gives her disease a positive meaning

In our daily lives, we are faced with many little problems.  Everyday challenges: we stand in front of the mirror and ask ourselves what to dress, we complain about ­learning stress, our housemates lack of cleaning, or that we once…

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A Reflection On My First Year

Hailing from The University of Pennsylvania. As I packed pieces of “home” into large cardboard boxes and suitcases, I closed my eyes and tried to picture what college would be like. At that time, I didn’t know what to expect….

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